Kava Kombo 4-Pack x 250gms

Kava Ban Overturned by German Court

German Administrative Court States that the Kava Ban (by the BfArM) was Unlawful and Inappropriate!!
Blue Galaxy Nakamal at Bladiniere

My Favourite Nakamal (Kava Bar)

Which one do I rate as my favourite nakamal?

During the past ten years plus that I have been living in Vanuatu, I have indulged in kava in many of the capital’s nakamals (Port Vila).

I have to say that the experiences have been varied. In some places the kava was truly vile whilst in others – superb! Some nakamals are off-putting in that they smell bad and others are just plain dirty.

So what makes for a good nakamal?

Well, my personal priorities are:

  • Clean kava (Noble Variety only), made with clean water and one which doesn’t leave a bad after-taste;

  • Clean surroundings with plenty of comfortable seating;

  • Congenial host;

  • Well-stocked shop with plenty of choices in beer, soft drink and sweets;

  • Inexpensive and wide variety of food (kaikai).

And the winner is…….

The BLUE GALAXY Nakamal at Bladiniere.

If you haven’t been there yet, then do yourself a favour and check it out. You won’t be disappointed!

Blue Galaxy Nakamal at Bladiniere
Three Plus One Kava Party Pack

Excellent Value Kava Party Pack

A mix of uniquely Vanuatu Kava tastes including the world-famous Tanna Kava Kaolik - making for an excellent value kava party pack.

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